german music scores 1929 and old school map nord america and Argentina


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    German music scores 1929 and old school map of nord america Argentina bag made with 95% recycled materials.

    outer: The bag is made out of german music scores 1929 and old bulgarian school map nord america Argentina

    Inner: coffee packaging, newspaper, billboard vinyl, detergent bag, inner car tube, bilboard.

    bag containing: a coin pocket, big zipper pocket suitable for mobile phone, pen, keys, documents. Big open pocket on the top for wallet, cosmetics makeup, cigarettes, keys. 7 slots for credit cards, a hidden pocket below them. Тhe handle can be adjusted and is made of tape measure

    Size (cm): h-13. w-23. d-6.
    Open (cm): h-33. w-23. d-2.

    This product is unique and handcrafted.

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