Comics “Duga 1986 and “Guardian 1933”


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  • Description

    Comics “Duga 1986 and “Guardian 1933” bag 95% recycled materials.

    outer: Vintiga bulgarian comics “Duga 1986 and “Guardian british newspaper 1933”
    Inner: coffee packaging,newspaper, billboard vinyl, Tetra pack milk/juice packaging.

    bag containing:a big secure coin or note pocket, Metal zipper pocket suitable for mobile phone, pen, keys. Big metal zipper pocket on the top for notebook or small magazines. Outside Plastic zipper pocket for makeup, cosmetics, cigarets or lighter. You can change the position of handle and you will have bag wit three faces; big, small and normal.

    Size (cm): h-20. w-26. d-2.
    Open (cm): h-33. w-26. d-2.

    This product is unique and handcrafted.

  • Additional information
    Dimensions 26 × 19 × 1 cm
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